Want to Save Money on your Car Insurance in 2020?

Gillian Cooper
If one of your resolutions for the dawn of the bright new decade is to take better stock of your finances, getting on top of your car insurance is a great place to start.
With the average price of a comprehensive policy coming in at £815, according to the most recent Confused.com figures , getting covered can put a lot of pressure on the purse strings. And as it’s a legal requirement, there’s not a lot of leeway to wriggle out of paying. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to shave money off your policy. Even small savings can add up over the course of a year. Read the following six tips for a better idea of how to make your money go further.

How Do I Change My Car Insurance?

Gillian Cooper
Moving pad? Getting hitched? Career change? New car? In all the excitement of a big milestone in life, it can be easy to overlook the implications elsewhere, not least what it means for your car insurance.
The connection is fairly obvious if you’re buying a new vehicle but adopting a married name or switching address could also invalidate your cover unless your details are kept current. Other life changes can be less significant – but may still require a call to your insurer.

Car Insurance Prices Set to Soar

Gillian Cooper
Drivers are being reminded to shop around for their car insurance in a bid to make the best of rising premiums.
The motor insurance industry has been rocked by a slew of price hikes this summer, not least in response to a government change in the way compensation payouts are calculated for people suffering long-term or serious injuries.


Gillian Cooper
We spend ages making sure we’ve booked the right hotel, found the perfect beach, updated the holiday wardrobe and bagged the next-to-nothing flight, but how much thought do we usually give to making sure our dream getaway is covered if things don’t go to plan? If the hotel goes bust, suffer a poolside accident, your luggage goes missing or the airline cancels?
Mishaps might not happen in our holiday daydreams, but real life has a funny habit of keeping us on our toes – whether they’re being dipped in the warm waters of the Med or massaged on a spa break staycation back home. Cutting corners on travel insurance could prove a costly and complicated mistake.