Millions of women and their families living with no financial safety net

Sabrina Jillah
According to a recent survey by Scottish Widows, millions of women in the UK are financially unprotected; living from day to day with little or no financial protection should anything go wrong.
For many families a woman is now the main breadwinner and the majority of them are working mums who are also caring for children aged 18 and under. Despite this change in their role, there has been a low take up of protection that could safeguard their family’s future.

The 5 greatest moments in the Olympic Games - let’s hear it for the underdogs!

Christine Kapak
They say every dog has its day, and that applies to underdogs too. Nowhere more so, it seems, than when it comes to the greatest show on earth - the Olympic Games.
With Rio 2016 in full swing, we look back at some of the surprise winners and unexpected overachievers to have graced the medal podium in the recent past.

The Tolpuddle Martyrs

Christine Kapak
The Tolpuddle Martyrs' Festival is an annual event celebrating a pivotal moment in trade union history.
For all the family entertainment, comedy, music and stalls on the periphery of the festival, the focus remains very much on six local men who changed the way this country thought about employment rights. That their story takes us back more than 180 years does nothing to diminish its huge repercussions and relevance to this day.

Why are cervical smear tests important?

Gillian Cooper
When the brown envelope from the GP arrives to say that it’s time to arrange your routine smear test, many of us are tempted to leave it to one side and get round to it later. And then, with the busy lives most of us lead, we may not get round to it at all - in fact 1 in 4 women do not attend for screening.
But there’s a very good reason for arranging that appointment straight away – quite simply, smear tests save lives. NHS cervical screening alone saves as many as 5000 lives in the UK every year. Cervical cancer is one of the few types of cancer which is actually preventable. A smear test works by detecting abnormal cells which are likely to develop into cancer, which means they can be treated BEFORE they ever turn into cancer.