Millions of women and their families living with no financial safety net

Sabrina Jillah
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According to a recent survey by Scottish Widows, millions of women in the UK are financially unprotected; living from day to day with little or no financial protection should anything go wrong.
For many families a woman is now the main breadwinner and the majority of them are working mums who are also caring for children aged 18 and under. Despite this change in their role, there has been a low take up of protection that could safeguard their family’s future.

Our infographic below goes into further detail.

So it’s food for thought for working mums in protecting their vital contribution to the family. Should the worst happen, many families would face a double financial impact on their day to day life – loss of the main breadwinner in the family and added childcare costs to pick up all the things that mum does caring for the kids.

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Source: Health Insurance & Protection Daily, 07/03/2016

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