A breast cancer patient's journey - introducing #RuthsJourney

Ruth Taylor
2016.09.13 Ruth Cold Cap - Chemo day 1 - Copy.jpg
Ruth Taylor, 45, is a mum of two who was diagnosed with breast cancer back in May 2016. We are honoured to share her journey from initial diagnosis, informing her family, through to chemo and radiotherapy. She hopes to raise awareness and educate others about breast cancer, while firmly kicking cancer back where it belongs.
Where do I start? I suppose the best place would be at the beginning, but in my true disorganised style I am starting this 5 months later, so I am part way through “my journey”, but I made some notes of key dates and milestones and I have been told I have the memory of an elephant, not for useful stuff like who are the presenters of The Great British Bake Off, but for things like “she said that” and “that made me feel like this”.

Winter is coming, so what’s the deal with seasonal affective disorder (SAD)?

Christine Kapak
At the end of October, the clocks went back. It marked the transition from autumn to early winter where the days were suddenly shorter and darker. For most of us, the change was insignificant - we simply got an extra hour in bed.
However for others, this change brought on the ‘winter blues’ or medically ‘Seasonal Affective Disorder’ (commonly known as SAD).

INCOME PROTECTION: for healthy finances when sickness threatens your salary

Christine Kapak
With winter firmly taking hold and the dreaded flu doing the rounds, there's never been a better time to take stock of how a more serious illness could affect your finances.
In most instances, a flu bug is nothing that a good dose of Lemsip and daytime TV won't fix. But if you were still too poorly to do your job after a couple of weeks, or a couple of months, how might you carry on covering your regular outgoings?

Millions of women and their families living with no financial safety net

Sabrina Jillah
According to a recent survey by Scottish Widows, millions of women in the UK are financially unprotected; living from day to day with little or no financial protection should anything go wrong.
For many families a woman is now the main breadwinner and the majority of them are working mums who are also caring for children aged 18 and under. Despite this change in their role, there has been a low take up of protection that could safeguard their family’s future.