Avoid a Personal Accident Claim this Christmas

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It's a heady time of year for most families with presents to wrap (and unwrap), the mulled wine flowing and tree lights twinkling. But have you considered the 80,000+ people a year who need hospital treatment for accidents suffered in the name of seasonal jollity?
We've got five top tips to stay safe while Santa's around:

O Christmas tree... Size definitely does matter when it comes to Norwegian spruce safety. Make sure yours fits comfortably to avoid having to saw off branches (and potentially fingers too) to get it inside. Is it still too tall to decorate easily? No over-reaching, please - always use a step ladder instead.

Light up... Electric shocks and burns from faulty fairy lights are common around Christmas. Don't fall victim to dodgy wiring by testing your lights before putting them up or replacing old sets with a new string that meets higher safety standards.

Don't make a meal of it! Leave plenty of time to prepare the family feast. Rushing will only increase the chance of getting hurt by hot fat, boiling water or sharp knives. And always wipe up spills as soon as they happen.

The good gift guide... When buying for young children, make sure the toys are age-appropriate (no small parts that could pose a choking hazard for tots) and from reputable sources that comply with national safety standards. Never be tempted to remove a battery from a smoke alarm to get a gadget going - always buy spares in advance.

Keep it clean! Avoid falls by keeping living areas, and especially staircases, clutter-free. Get the guests' luggage stowed away upstairs and put present paraphernalia, including discarded wrapping paper, in the bin pronto.

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