Hidden costs of divorce highlight how insurance could help

Gillian Cooper
Insurance news
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Newly-single Brits might benefit from better financial protection, an expert has suggested.
The advice follows a survey by life insurer Aviva, which showed 40% of divorcees are financially worse off in the aftermath of a breakdown.

For one in ten couples, the financial recovery time takes more than two years, as figures from the insurer show UK relationships can cost up to £44,000 when they end.

According to Aviva, moving house, child maintenance and post break up holidays are just a few of the "hidden costs" of divorce after legal fees.

Women are often the worst hit, with one in eight working longer hours or taking a second job to cover costs.

Meanwhile, 27 per cent of newly-single women admit to having to dip into savings, while 23% use credit cards.

The statistics have prompted an insurance warning from Aviva's protection director Louise Colley, who explains: "Two thirds of couples who are married or co-habiting have some shared finances, so these arrangements can take some time to unravel if a relationship unfortunately breaks down. 

"Beginning again following a separation can be a daunting time, not to mention a busy one, but it's crucial that newly-single people review money matters when their circumstances change. For example, if someone becomes the sole income earner for their family unit, it's important they think about what they might do if they were unable to work, for example through illness or injury."


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