So You’re Going to Be a Father

Gillian Cooper
2015s Shared Parental Leave laws and greater gender income equality has meant a boom in SAHDs (Stay-at-Home-Dads), but the pressures and challenges of being a man in a parent’s world might be different than you think.
Parenting in 2016. It’s an expensive business. Our local nursery fees are over £16.5k a year (double for two). As a lowly in-house copywriter for a mostly unknown publishing company, this was far more than my annual take-home. Add to that the additional time or expense required to cover inset days, training days, two full weeks over Christmas and all manner of sick days (if a child simply coughs in the vicinity, the shutters come down, gas masks go on and a keyworker paints a red cross on your child’s face).

Mental Health 1 - 0 Stress

Gillian Cooper
It's hailed as a festival of football, but for many fans the 2016 UEFA European Championship, will herald four weeks of nail-biting, fist-pumping, face-palming, heart-stopping, pulse-racing plain old emotional turmoil as your favourite team battles it out to be crowned top team.
It seems great timing then, that a week raising awareness of male stress should kick off just three days after its opening ceremony. Coincidental? Probably. But quite timely too.

A walk through Hyde Park for National Walking Month

Christine Kapak
How do you usually spend your Sundays? Traditionally, Sundays are a perfect time to fit in a relaxing walk before tucking into a huge roast lunch with all the trimmings. So with May being National Walking Month, we could find no better excuse for a Sunday walk with friends.
Four of us from the UnionProtect team went on a personal challenge to celebrate National Walking Month - the aim was walk around a park for at least 3 miles and end up in a nice pub with an open garden for spot of lunch and a pint.

Top 5 UK Walking Trails with Pubs for National Walking Month

Gillian Cooper
We all know that walking is good for us, but when combined with fantastic local food and great company, it becomes a great day out too.
That's why the National Trust has put together some of their favourite walks, which include historic pubs on route (and we’ve added in an extra walk on behalf of the National Trust for Scotland). So wherever you are in the UK, here's all the inspiration you need to meet up with friends and stretch your legs, before stopping for a well-deserved rest at a local watering hole.

#HeartUnions - Durham Miners' Gala

Gillian Cooper
Durham Miners.png
We’re looking back on key events in union history. In this blog post, we cover the Durham Miners Gala.
Famed for its rousing colliery bands, bright banners and for being one of the biggest trade union gatherings in the whole of Europe, Durham Miners' Gala occupies a special - and prominent - place in the trade union calendar.

#HeartUnions Week - Burston School Strike

Gillian Cooper
To commemorate Heart Unions Week, we’re looking back on key events in union history. In this blog post, we cover the Burston School Strike.
What's your most enduring memory from schooldays? Coming second in the 200m sprint on sports day? Taking the lead in the annual drama production? Or how about kicking off the longest strike in history?

#HeartUnions Week - Chainmakers' Festival

Gillian Cooper
Chainmakers Fest.png
To commemorate Heart Unions Week, we’re looking back on key events in union history. In this blog post, we cover the Chainmakers’ Strike in 1910 and the Chainmakers Festival.
1910: the year Old Trafford was opened, George V succeeded to the British throne, and the women chainmakers of Cradley Heath in the Black Country won minimum wage following a ten-week strike, effectively doubling their pay.

'Women underestimating their financial importance'

Gillian Cooper
Insurance news
Failure to take out income protection or life insurance cover means many UK women are inadvertently putting their families' financial futures at risk.
According to a report by insurance group Aegon, working women are not considering the implications of long-term illness or premature death on their nearest and dearest.