Claims stats ‘reinforce importance of protection’

Gillian Cooper
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New figures showing a steady rise in the percentage of claims paid dispels a common myth about insurance, an expert has argued.
Dougy Grant, protection director at Aegon UK, said statistics released by the Association of British Insurers this month “shatter the illusion that insurance companies don’t pay claims”.

NI travellers warned against complacency

Gillian Cooper
There are fears that holidaymakers from Northern Ireland are taking unnecessary risks by failing to buy travel insurance.
The alarm was raised after research by the Consumer Council found 44% of travellers from the country jet off without covering against cancelled flights, lost luggage, illness, theft and other unforeseen misfortunes.

Tenants warned: ‘Protect your finances’

Gillian Cooper
Renting rather than owning a home does not negate the need for comprehensive financial protection, experts insist.
The warning comes after a survey found just 7% of the UK’s eight million private tenants has a backup policy in place if they or a partner are suddenly unable to work. This compares to almost a third (28%) of homeowners with a mortgage.

Mind the Life Insurance Gap - 'Many young families without financial protection'

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Failure to take out life insurance means parents with children under the age of 18 could be putting their families and homes at risk.
That's according to a new survey from the AA, which shows the UK life cover 'gap' is biggest in the 35 to 44-year-old demographic. More than half (57%) admitted they don't have a policy in place, despite often having young dependents and a mortgage.

#HeartUnions - Durham Miners' Gala

Gillian Cooper
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We’re looking back on key events in union history. In this blog post, we cover the Durham Miners Gala.
Famed for its rousing colliery bands, bright banners and for being one of the biggest trade union gatherings in the whole of Europe, Durham Miners' Gala occupies a special - and prominent - place in the trade union calendar.

#HeartUnions Week - Burston School Strike

Gillian Cooper
To commemorate Heart Unions Week, we’re looking back on key events in union history. In this blog post, we cover the Burston School Strike.
What's your most enduring memory from schooldays? Coming second in the 200m sprint on sports day? Taking the lead in the annual drama production? Or how about kicking off the longest strike in history?

#HeartUnions Week - Chainmakers' Festival

Gillian Cooper
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To commemorate Heart Unions Week, we’re looking back on key events in union history. In this blog post, we cover the Chainmakers’ Strike in 1910 and the Chainmakers Festival.
1910: the year Old Trafford was opened, George V succeeded to the British throne, and the women chainmakers of Cradley Heath in the Black Country won minimum wage following a ten-week strike, effectively doubling their pay.

'Women underestimating their financial importance'

Gillian Cooper
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Failure to take out income protection or life insurance cover means many UK women are inadvertently putting their families' financial futures at risk.
According to a report by insurance group Aegon, working women are not considering the implications of long-term illness or premature death on their nearest and dearest.