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Financial Support

We understand it is a difficult time and we’re here to help. If you are having financial difficulties, there may be things we can do to help. Such as delaying your payments or reducing the cost of your cover. Call our UK-based team on 0343 178 1232. You can also email us at customerservices@usdawprotect.com.

If you need independent advice regarding managing debt please visit the following organisations websites:

Citizens Advice - www.citizensadvice.org.uk/debt-and-money
Step Change - www.stepchange.org
Money Advice - www.moneyadvice.co.uk


To register a claim, please contact us

By email: claims@uibuk.com
By telephone: 0800 014 7024


To view our Complaints Procedure please click here

Need additional support?

If a disability, your mental health, or problems at home are affecting you let us know how we can support you, whether it's a permanent or temporary situation.

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