UNISONProtect #DressLouder Fundraiser for Target Ovarian Cancer

Sabrina Jillah
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On Friday 11th March, UNISONProtect had a #DressLouder Day to fundraise for Target Ovarian Cancer, in support of Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month.
The team dressed in their brightest clothes - we had bright tops, neon tutus, pink wigs and even some crazy glitter footwear.
Dress Louder Group Photo.jpg

Here are some photos of our ‘loud’ outfits, who do you think is dressed best??

We also had a cake sale, with many of our Marketing team baking the night before, some for the first time! They proved very popular, with just a few crumbs left at the end of the day.

It was a fun day, but there is an important message that we want to help spread – and that is to shout about the symptoms. Ovarian Cancer is the fifth most common cancer among women, so it is especially important to spread awareness. Although the exact cause of Ovarian Cancer is not known, there are certain things that increase the risk of developing it other than family history, such as using talcum powder or even being tall. Symptoms include feeling bloated and persistent abdominal pain.

For more information about what symptoms to look out for and the other risk factors, have a look at our detailed blog post here.

Please share with your friends and family... 

Brought to you by Union Insurance Services who provide Female Cancer Cover.

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