Staying Safe at Home over Winter

Sabrina Jillah
According to RoSPA statistics, every year there are approximately 6000 deaths as a result of a home accident*. Quite a scary stat, as you would assume you’re safe at home.
To help prevent any accidents happening at home, we’ve come up with a few tips to keep safe this winter:

Top 10 Christmas Market Destinations in Europe

Sabrina Jillah
Top 10 Christmas Market Desinations in Europe 317x200px.jpg
What better way to get into the festive spirit than to go to a Christmas Market – wooden chalets, fairy lights, music and mulled wine. Sound good? There are plenty all around the UK, but if you fancy making a holiday of it, why not go to a Christmas Market in Europe?
Here’s our roundup of 10 European Christmas Markets.

How not to overspend at Christmas

Sabrina Jillah
It can’t have escaped you that the Christmas ads have started popping up everywhere you look. The panic of having to buy all those presents, who gets what, Christmas decorations, wrapping paper, all that food – and breathe!
Do not panic and put everything on your credit card, it’s best to budget and prevent yourself going into debt. You don’t want to have a huge bill to pay in January and then have nothing left to pay for the essentials. We’ve a few ideas here to help.

5 Tips to Stay Safe this Bonfire Night

Gillian Cooper
Bonfire Night 0511 - sml.jpg
November is here and that can only mean one thing – Fireworks Night! Getting all wrapped up with your hats and gloves on, and going outside to watch the pretty displays in the sky, with a warm bonfire in the distance.
An organised display always has a great atmosphere, and suddenly it’s not so depressing that it gets dark early in the evenings. Of course many of us like to do our own fireworks displays in the garden, which can be good fun but it always pays to be safe – the last thing we want is for any accidents to happen. Here are our tip 5 tips to staying safe this Bonfire Night.