Our tech enabled group allows seamless API connections, with access to a UK based customer service team at the end of the phone able to deliver quality, regulatory compliant customer service and sales capacity.

At Stonebridge we believe in creating value for our customers through our products; partners through our collaborative and business friendly approach, and our people by providing a great place to work.

We are part of the privately owned Embignell group which is headquartered in London, where it was founded in 2006.


Stonebridge International Insurance Ltd is carbon net neutral, and has used Carbon Footprint Ltd’s online carbon calculator on www.carbonfootprint.com to calculate its carbon footprint; as well as offsetting its carbon footprint to be net neutral.

Our history

Stonebridge International Insurance limited was incorporated back in 1997, owned by Cornerstone International Holding Ltd. with its ultimate holding company being J.C. Penney Company Inc. Stonebridge went on to become a pan European general insurance company. On 18 June 2001, Aegon N.V. completed the purchase of J.C. Penney’s Direct Marketing Services operations including the UK Group containing Cornerstone International. On 28 February 2021 the Embignell Group, via Global Premium Holdings Ltd completed the acquisition of Stonebridge International Insurance Ltd from Cornerstone International. Following Brexit, Stonebridge will now focus on underwriting UK risk, with its legacy European business transferring to the Group’s European Insurer.


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