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Accident Protection Plan

Accidents, by their very nature, can happen at any time, any place and to anyone. 
Our Accident Protection Plan provides you with the peace of mind that if you were to die as the result of an accident, the people you care about would be protected financially.

50+ Personal Accident Plan

50+ Personal Accident Plan gives older members a financial safety net in the event of an accident.
It pays out up to £6,000 to help deal with the consequences of accidents resulting in burns, fractures and dislocations. There’s a cash lump sum of £20,000 in the event of your death as a result of an accident; so if the worst should happen you’ll be leaving something for your loved ones.

Prepaid Funeral Plan

If you've ever had to arrange a funeral for somebody, you'll know it involves some tough decisions at an already difficult time.
The Prepaid Funeral Plan from Dignity lets you pay for your funeral in advance and fix the costs of the services included in the plan at today’s prices. It is a practical and sensible way to take care of the arrangements and costs, saving you money and saving your loved ones from the worry.

Travel Insurance

Passport? Plane tickets? Peace of mind?
No matter where you’re headed on holiday this year, pack something extra alongside your regular travel essentials. We arrange travel insurance with quality, worldwide cover at a great price so you can jet off just as much as you like (up to 31 days per trip), secure in the knowledge that one affordable policy protects you all year round.