Income Protection & State Benefits Calculator

This tool will help you view your possible future entitlements to state benefits so that you can consider this in assessing your particular needs for income protection. It is an illustration based on current state benefit entitlements and includes some assumptions. Any changes to your personal circumstances or to state benefits are likely to change your entitlements.

It should take under five minutes to fill in your details and the amount of insurance you think you might need. You will then see a helpful projection of how much state benefit you might get if you couldn’t work due to sickness, accident or unemployment and how this could be effected if you receive additional income from an income protection insurance cover.

1. Your details

Unfortunately, the minimum age for taking out our Income Protection product is 18.
Unfortunately, the maximum age for taking out our Income Protection product is 60. However, other providers may offer the product to older customers, so the tool can still help you check whether this type of insurance is suitable for you.

2. Your household

3. Your income

You have reduced your annual income. You can only insure up to 50% of your gross pay. See the "Monthly cash pay out" field below to view your adjusted maximum pay out.


What does other income mean? 
This could be a variety of things including, child maintenance from a former partner or rental income.

4. Your savings

5. Your home

Remaining balance:
If you don’t know your outstanding mortgage balance we will assume the current average UK outstanding mortgage balance. You can get your outstanding balance from your lender

Current rent:
If you don’t know your monthly rent we will estimate an amount based on the type and location of your rental accommodation

6. Insurance cover

To show the effect that income protection can have on your state benefits, we will need to display some income protection cover for you, remember this is just for illustrative purposes and you can always change the levels later if you are unsure:

What does monthly cash pay out mean?
The monthly pay out is the cash benefit that you would receive on a monthly basis in the event of a claim. You choose the amount you would receive, up to a maximum of £1,500 a month or up to 50% of your monthly income (before tax), whichever is lower.

Waiting period
The waiting period is the number of days you would need to be continuously incapacitated and off work before the insurance pay outs are paid. The longer the waiting period you choose, the lower the premium you will pay.



The amounts shown are based on various assumptions we have made, e.g. average rent, and the amounts are subject to change and are based on your personal circumstances, so they are purely illustrative of what you might receive. For an accurate calculation of benefits entitlement, you should contact your local benefits office.

UK Resident
Income Protection is available to UK residents which means permanently resident in the UK for at least 7 months out of every 12 months and for tax purposes.

A contract worker who is employed on a contract for a term of at least 12 months is also eligible.